Useful General Links

Kelty Mental Health
This excellent website for youth, families and professionals looking for information on child and youth mental health issues has a wide range of information and is  user friendly in its formatting.  Browse or search for areas of interest.

Here to Help
This is a BC information resource for individuals and families managing mental health issues and/or substance abuse. You’ll find some great articles, along with personal stories on this useful site. There is a also an entire page devoted to family members, with information on how to support someone experiencing  a mental health issue. (

Teen Mental Health
There are many useful resources on this interactive site dedicated to helping improve the mental health of youth through the translation and transfer of scientific knowledge. (

Mind Your Mind is an award winning creative site for youth by youth. This is a place where you can get info, resources and the tools to help  manage stress, crisis and mental health problems.  There are other interesting links as well covering a range of interesting issues not necessarily specific to  mental health but enriching  information for youth, families etc.  (

Anxiety Canada
The Anxiety Disorder Association of British Columbia is a non-profit organization which was started in early spring of 1999 by a group of concerned consumers, family members, and professionals, who work to increase awareness about anxiety disorders; promote education of the general public, affected persons, and health care providers; and increase access to evidence-based resources and treatments. Visit their pages on Self-Help, as well as their page for Parents and Caregivers. (

Dealing with Depression Workbook: “Antidepressant Skills for Teens”

This pdf is available to download and can be a helpful tool to work with teens or for teens to browse to consider what they might understand better if depression has been a key concern.  This workbook has been produced by mental health professionals in British Columbia and provides some basics around the introduction and  use of cognitive behavioural therapy. (

Mood Disorders Society of Canada

This is the website of the mood disorders association of Canada and provides some information on the diagnosis of mood disorders, as well as advocacy for those with mood disorders. (

Canadian Mental Health Association
The Canadian Mental Health Association is a nation-wide, charitable organization that promotes the mental health of all and supports the resilience and recovery of people experiencing mental health issues.  (